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10 (good) reasons why women love shoes

All women love shoes: for some it’s a passion, for others a real obsession.
But have you ever wondered why?

Based on my experience, I drafted a list of 10 reasons why women love shoes:

  1. Whatever your clothing size is, a shoe will always fit like a glove: you don’t need to be a model to wear a nice décolleté pump.
  2. Shoes are ageless. Over the years, we probably need to review our look, but a nice pair of heels will never be (almost) out of place.
  3. If we put on a few extra pounds, the zipper won’t close. However, shoes never make us feel guilty about weight gain.
  4. If you have a shyness problem, you’re hardly daring with clothes. Instead, we release our more creative side with shoes.
  5. A beautiful shoe has the power to ennoble any clothing: even the cheapest H&M dress, with the right décolleté shoe, makes an immediate upgrade.
  6. Clothing stores are always more demanding: it’s often hard to find alternatives over size L. With shoes, we don’t have limits when it comes to shopping options.
  7. Many women wear only black. Shoes are the only accessory that are always given a touch of color, even the most extreme.
  8. You just need to change shoes to change the language of the outfit: replace sneakers with a pair of heels and even a casual pair of jeans can become elegant.
  9. Walking in heels changes posture and attitude (for the better, of course). And the walk becomes more feminine and coquettish (Marilyn Monroe taught us).
  10. A pair of shoes makes us feel (and look) sexy and feminine. Even wearing them even when people can’t see them (like in close-up photos or when you talk on the phone) and you’ll see the difference!

le donne amano le scarpe

And you, how big is your passion for shoes? Do you collect them?

How many do you have? Never enough, I bet! 🙂

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