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How to look younger in 5 steps (style tips)

After sharing with you my beauty secrets to look younger , now it’s the time for style. So we will find out how to create a simple and effective look through clothes and accessories.

Again, the trick is to build a style that is fresh, natural and clean.
I am not going to use the word “youth” because it reminds me of something old.

But let’s analyze in details how to look younger in 5 steps:

1. Colors

It’s amazing how color is able to give us a healthier and brighter look.
And it’s not just a matter of Armocromia, closely linked to the mix of skin-eyes-hair.
It’s color that makes us look more fit and positive, like the attitude in general.
If you think total black looks good at any age, it’s time to change your mind!

2. Clothing

The real problem arises when we find ourselves caught between two styles that don’t belong to us: dressing like a teenager would be a difficult and counterproductive by comparison; dressing like a granny would show a frustrating and resigned attitude. So here we have to make a strategy!
If finding time to style is difficult, let’s not give it at all.
Let’s focus on a timeless style: simple, but not too austere; current, but not too trendy.
To be clear: yes to jeans, but neat and dark; yes to jacket, but combined with a t-shirt…

3. Accessories

The good thing about accessories is that they look nice at any size and age (in my opinion that’s why women love bags and shoes so much).
Choose iconic and versatile models and don’t be shy: from light green, to shapes and colors for bags, belts, hats…
Shoes deserve a different discussion.
I understand that heels are often impractical, but there are some flat shoes that are very stylish: laced shoes, slipper style, sandals and ballet flats.
You have no excuse: shoes can’t be chosen (only) based on comfort.

4. Eye Wear

You know, at some point presbyopia arises and glasses make their appearance (for someone it’s a little traumatic).
Make a virtue out of necessity: do not consider them as a visual prosthetics, but as an accessory that can complete and characterize your look.
Glasses, in fact, are able to give style, personality, charm.
Choose them colorfully: they will give you more light, but also a touch of irony (which never hurts).

5. Jewelry

If you change accessories, the whole outfit will change too! And this can be especially applied to jewelry.
Pearl sets, a ring with opal, or brooch with precious gems should be kept inside your grandmother’s memory box or used only on certain occasions.
Going out 10am bejeweled from head to toe is typical of some old ladies (and we don’t want to look like one of them, do we?).
Even here the same rule of accessories is valid: versatile and contemporary pieces, completing a timeless look.


For the photogallery I chose Ines de la Fressange.
Born in 1957, she was a model, muse of Karl Lagerfeld and Marianne of France.
Today she is a designer, fashion consultant and… style icon.

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