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Autumn Wedding Trends 2018

The autumn 2018 bridal trends certainly undergo the influence of recent celebrity and royal marriages …

We had already identified some trends during our New Trends course with Simona Melani: let’s discover together the cuts and details of this season’s wedding dress



There is certainly a return to absolute simplicity and rigor of lines and fabrics. 1960s inspiration or Meghan Markle effect?



The wrap dress and crossover cuts are back from the 1970s. It is the perfect solution to enhance the bust and waist, especially the hourglass silhouettes.



An element that makes the autumn bride 2018 trends more contemporary is the two-pieces one: dress and jacket or top and skirt. Obviously it also has advantages in terms of fit and comfort



The ruffles are a great classic of bridal fashion, but this season they are a very recurring detail. Both on the arms (attention to volumes) and on the skirt.



The simple lines of the dress are often enriched by wide, sometimes baloon sleeves. The call is a bit fairytale and sometimes reminiscent of some ’80s model. They are not easy to wear because they tend to unbalance the bust area.



While retaining a traditional and romantic line, the wedding fashion is opening up to details and accessories from the daily wardrobe. The belt is one of the most recurring accessories of the autumn 2018 bride trends.



Along with the super-minimal ones, we also find very rich wedding dresses: the trend of lace continues, but is enriched with other details. From the beads to the sequins, long live the opulence!



The ribbon is a very romantic element and never fails in the bridal collections. This time, however, becomes a protagonist, both in size and placement.



The wedding trousers represent an element of contemporaneity not only stylistic, but also conceptual: gender equality, civil unions, the second marriage and all that is finally recognized, beyond the tradition.


What do you think of these trends? What is your favorite?


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