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Bad odors: how to survive on the arrival of the heat

With the heat, the discomforts come back on public transportation. And I’m not talking about train delays, but the annoying issue of bad odors

We talk so much about how to dress and how to do the make-up, but for once shouldn’t we want to say two words about how to clean ourselves?

I believe that a poor personal hygiene is a form of rudeness. First of all, because it creates discomfort for those around us, but also because we underestimate the intelligence of others. Like: people won’t notice I didn’t take a shower.

Here is the decalogue of a personal hygiene:




Don’t take it as another nightmare of the day, but as a moment to devote to yourself. You just need 5 minutes! In the evening it gets rid of tiredness; in the morning it helps us to start off the day: you choose, just do it! 


On this point I want to be very clear: the deodorant does not replace the shower. Advertising says “it does not cover smells, it eliminates them”. But the problem is that it adds odors, making the smell stronger. Summing up: First shower, then deodorant. Always.


Same for perfumes: I repeat, they do not replace the shower. And, above all, they must be used with the dropper: the fragrance that you like, perhaps can causes a strong headache to others. Especially with the heat. The perfume needs to be scented only by those close to you, you do not have to leave the trail.


Then there are those women who always have dirty and tied hair. Let’s forget this absurd myth that shampoo hurts hair. It works exactly the opposite: actually dirty hair tends to fall down because sebum suffocates the skin. But with dirty hair we will always be messy!



By leaving out the health aspects (however not to be underestimated), I would concentrate on the social aspect of this craving. Bad smells are a major barrier in love affairs, but also in a work environment and in any context in contact with other human beings.


You don’t need to do much, but it’s about decorum and civil life.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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Posted on November 21, 2016

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