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Bridal trends for 2018

It will be a year full of important weddings! Waiting to discover the choices of celebrities, let’s take a look at the 2018 bridal trends.

Here’s what we selected from the catwalks and how to interpret the new trends:




Banning the boring stole, the 2018 bridal trends see the cape as protagonist.

Only one drawback: giving up the traditional veil.

But you can safely replace it with an elegant hair accessory.




If you are undecided between the wide skirt and the mermaid gown, this model is the right combination.

More modern than the princess dress, more traditional than the simple sheath dress.

And then, by emphasizing the trawl, it also makes the more linear model eye-catchy.




For the incurable romantic, the 2018 bridal trends see the frills as protagonists.

In lace or taffeta, wide or softer, there is something for everyone.

Better for taller women because, optically breaking the figure, they risk is to lower the center silhouette.




It is not a trend suitable for all contexts and all the silhouettes, but it is still very interesting.

The deeper the neckline, the smaller the breast must be.

Better to avoid it at the church, but it can be an excellent idea for the change of dress in the evening.




On the catwalk was a triumph of applications and workmanship.

Whatever the model, they make the dress extremely romantic and ethereal.

Combine it with a simple hairstyle: the more elaborate the dress, the simpler the outline must remain.




Speaking of applications, the pearls deserve a special mention.

In spite of all superstitions, the pearl remains the perfect symbol of the bride.

These vaguely retro models certainly do not go unnoticed.




If pearls have a more sophisticated allure, ribbons are pure romance.

They are recurring in 2018 bridal trends, but in reality they are a great classic for bridal fashion.

Be careful because it is a focal point: the eye is attrackted by the area where the bow is attached, so make sure it highlights your best part …




I really like the middle lengths for the wedding dress.

Yes, it’s true: you get married only once and that day you prefer the long dress.

But the midi skirt is really very refined. Think about it!




And then, like every year on the catwalk, also for the 2018 bridal trends trousers are proposed.

In fact there are very few that follow this path, but never say never.

There are very interesting and not less elegant then the skirt proposals …




It is not a trend that I love a lot, but it is always more followed: break the white with a color (in particular black).

After all, it is a way to revisit tradition and customize the look.

This is also a focal point, this time made by the color: the colored detail will catch the eye, so use the contrast belt only if you want to emphasize a tiny waist.



Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute

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Posted on September 2, 2018

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