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Cannes 2016: the best and worst looks

The 69th edition of  Cannes Film Festival ended and it’s time to sum up the looks on the red carpet.

I’ve selected the best and the worst of these last days:


Blake Lively definitely stood out: she wore beautiful dresses with a hint of her belly pregnancy.

97922631_CANNES_FRANCE_-_MAY_14__Blake_Lively_attends_The_BFG_Le_Bon_Gros_Geant_-_Le_BGG_premiere_du-xlarge_trans++nkIuQqYGMUlBkrCqNdd6Av1vpHpYBfGBX7whhgG8GBY 97605145_CANNES_FRANCE_1TH_MAY_2016__Blake_Lively_attends_the_opening_Gala_Screening_of_Cafe_Society-xlarge_trans++eqwG1mMdY8c_ukC_8VAhqsi_gTpL6CE4V2utwsGGecg

Amal Clooney was also flawless with her husband George: a very elegant couple.


Kirsten Dunst had one of the best look. The styling was beautiful, but mostly I like the actress’s image consistency: she always follow the romantic style, that now makes her unique.

98801747_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by_James_Gourley-REX-Shutterstock_5691656bj__Kirsten_Dunst__Palme_-xlarge_trans++kG1sgSWw5LSQoolLf0IcOoo5qZ_L4CoEIaEhYRrQ85Y Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by_Matt_Baron_BEI-Shutterstock_5682156ao__Kirsten_Dunstie-xlarge_trans++cJEjrQIzuPvfX6xsitw8wHWpCzjlEnPm9ZhKwAyUMBw

Even Vanessa Paradis looks good after the divorce. Her dress and her look are very beautiful.

98055000_69th_Cannes_Film_Festival_-_Mal_de_Pierres_From_the_Land_of_the_Moon_-_Premiere__Featurin-xlarge_trans++uWM1CrOBzZ9BVli_qvuhYT12c54eZiV2qUF8wlPcJbQ 98054694_Jury_member_actress_and_singer_Vanessa_Paradis__poses_on_the_red_carpet_for_the_screening_o-xlarge_trans++i7fXqjy78frWG33CIVt5_jREcWnHidtyOSwiOYBtWqQ

Julia Roberts is another evergreen beauty. I would have used another color instead of black, but the beautiful diamond and emerald necklace illuminates her face…


Last but not least, I have to mention her: Kate Moss. I could give you a thousand reasons why I put her among the best, but the truth is that I always love her anyway.




If it’s true that elegance is not about being notable, but remembered, let’s say that Bella Hadid had few hours of notoriety, but she will hardly be remembered in the future…

bella_hadid_front_getty-xlarge_trans++4sP3TmjXI01vx1bVDCEEIzZHoAc3R0hoW-08nsvag7E bella_hadid_back-xlarge_trans++1N-0BbrGahnullJmqzE3f-PHi_e1tpOIk75CAYQiDp0

Katy Perry has never been an icon of elegance (and probably she is not even interested). So where did she think she was going? To a carnival in Spain?


I mean, we have seen worse on the red carpet. But Gaia Weiss didn’t look the best. The color of the dress is very bad for her skin complexion. Rejected.


I hate to say it, because I love this actress and she also wore one of the best dresses. The fact is that Julia Roberts could give more in terms of style, but apparently she hasn’t found the right stylist yet. It happens.


Valeria Golino missed an opportunity. She seems older with that dress and hairstyle.


In conclusion, here is a roundup of the worst dresses. I know it’s the red carpet, but honestly those dresses seem out of place for the catwalk in Cannes. Besides, they don’t  enhance the body… Judge for yourself!

98501764-elle-fanning-xlarge_trans++PNvRgdOCtjgvqZdBkBney9gbPzDmyT_64Hj29ZSMYJM 97740813-bel-powley-xlarge_trans++IlB8N0-eCKir34PrHbfoBN42w8FLr0DWtCHE65LQ1DQ 97598700_Araya_A._Hargate-xlarge_trans++AYmSrrdOj878EzixWpN8yCLwOK-1NKwFl5U3ck7fjXw


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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