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Color Analysis: colors to wear at a wedding

The period of the ceremonies is upon us and the preparations are buzzing: but what are the colors to wear at a wedding?

The premise is a must: in order not to steal the bride’s scene, never dress in white or flashy colors like red.

Black is also banned. And this applies also to black dress with colorful accessories!


Furthermore, you should know that the colors to wear at a morning wedding tend to be lighter and brighter than those used for an evening ceremony.

But let’s get back to us and discover the colors to wear at a wedding based on Color Analysis, that is those that most value us based on our reference color season.

We speak therefore not of meteorological seasonality, but of color categories based on our skin-eye-hair mix. First take a look at the post that explains the four seasons of Color Analysis.





Women with the Spring color palette will be able to draw on the colors of Nature in its maximum splendor and brightness.

Focus on warm apricot, salmon or narcissus: yellow, however, is definitely cleared through us even after the recent royal wedding.

Alternatively, you can choose from the most vibrant greens such as turquoise, lawn or mint.

If you prefer something more sober, you are lucky enough to wear both blue (in brighter shades, though) and brown in the elegant biscuit-shade version.

Here you  can find the Spring Color Palette:



The color palette of the Summer women are instead cooler, delicate and typically dusty: therefore they have an intrinsic elegance.

As colors to wear at a wedding, I can certainly suggest powder pink or mauve.

But blue is also very beautiful, especially in the avio or blackboard shade.

Finally, pastel shades are everything in this case: from aquamarine to blue, from straw-yellow to lavender.

Here you  can find the Summer Color Palette:



The colors of Autumn color palette correspond to those of the season: warm, rich and softer.

You can choose from the sophisticated colors of the earth: ocher, terracotta, aubergine, tobacco.

But also consider the range of green: moss, forest, olive.

Particularly interesting, especially for the Deep subgroup, are periwinkle purple and sophisticated teal.


The palette therefore refers to the autumnal nature:



Certainly the colors of the Winter color palette are more bold and brilliant, so this kind of woman hold the cool shades of a certain intensity very well.

Among the colors to wear at a wedding, one certainly gives up the black, but substitutes it very well for the blue: from navy to sapphire, from indigo to petrol green.

Fine also the violet colors, from crimson to cardinal, up to burgundy.

Yellow and green are not very popular: the cool lemon yellow and the bright emerald are the exception.


For the Winter palette this can guide you:



Since we are talking about colors to wear at a wedding, we cannot fail to mention the accessories as well.

Also for shoes and bags you can draw on your palette and you will notice that within the same seasonal color palette, everything goes together with everything: nice advantage, eh?

Alternatively, here are two tips for metals and nudes, divided by undertone: test first to find out if you have warm or cool colors.



Whoever has warm colors (Spring and Autumn) can use the nude in the beige version, not pink.

As for metals, go ahead with: yellow gold, rose gold, bronze.



Conversely, those with cold colors (Summer and Winter) will focus on the nude powder and not yellowish beige.

For metals, this time we have: silver, white gold or antiqued.


Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute

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