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Instagram Colors: the top 10!

Everyone looking for the perfect shot, but let’s not forget the power of colors on Instagram!

Here are the top 10 of the hashtags that are going strong at the moment *:


#PINK 110.923.642 posts*

The hashtag #pink is the most widely used: lipsticks and nail laquarels, bags and accessories, but also food, flowers and design.

Needless to say, this is a color that is delicate, frilly, but also very witty.


#BLACK 110.869.715 posts*

Black is definitely the most common color in the cabinets, as I said in my post a few years ago: The false myths of black.

Among the colors on Instagram, however, is placed in second place, just behind pink: and who knows that there will be an overtaking!


#BLUE 109.903.643 posts*

In the top 3 colors on Instagram could not miss the blue in all its nuances: from celestial to cobalt, from indigo to overseas blue.

Obviously, in the summer season (but a bit ‘all year) the marine posts are for the greater!


#RED 93.086.453 posts*

Red is a powerful and evocative color: in pictures it is very good and in fact is among the most instagrammable.

We find it especially among the post of fashion and beauty, but there are also food.


#GREEN 87.723.082 posts*

Together with the hashtags #nature, #tree and everything related to the environment, #green never fails!

If you are passionate about nature, with #green you can find wonderful postings at the National Geographic…


#WHITE 77.505.599 posts*

We talk about colors on Instagram, yet this non-color is one of the most used hashtags.

The subjects are very varied: fashion, pet, food … My favorites are those of architecture and interior design.


#YELLOW 33.156.023 posts*

And then there’s it, a color that I love a lot: yellow gives me energy to just watch it!

Who said it’s not an elegant color ?! We want to talk about the golden yellow, mustard, honey?


#ORANGE 29.272.164 posts*

Vitality, energy, warmth: all contained in this cheerful and vitaminic color!

The almost 30 million posts that contain the hashtag #orange are mostly of food and flowers, but not bad even those of Hermès



#PURPLE 26.211.053 posts*

I told you a lot about Pantone 2018: the Ultra Violet: needless to say that Instagram was literally invaded!

Of course, in addition to the Ultra Violet, there are endless nuances that go under the #purple hashtag. What do you think about these?


#GREY 13.437.617 posts*

In this top ten of colors on Instagram, #grey places itself last, as usual with a low profile.

But 13 million posts are by no means a few and are among the most elegant and creative!


If you love colors on Instagram (and not only), I recommend the Instagram profile of Italian Image Institute!

* The data refer to 07.10.18


Rossella Migliaccio
Italian Image Institute

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