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Fake myths of black

When I meet a client for the first time, I ask this question:
“What would I find inside your wardrobe?” And the answer usually is: “Total black”.
This is what I find in most of the wardrobes...
This is what I find in most of the wardrobes…

For some people, it seems an alternative.
For others, it’s a safe haven.
For others, a true philosophy of life.

You would understand, as a lover(and specialist) of color, it is my mission.
So today I want to debunk some myth about black:


“Black is the most elegant color”
I don’t deny its charm, but the elegance of a dress is dictated by fabric and shape. Otherwise, a black cotton t-shirt would be more elegant than a white silk blouse. Just saying.

“Black makes you look slimmer”
Not just black , but all dark colors: blue navy, green forest, indigo, eggplant color, … As well as monochrome, line pattern and matte fabrics.

“You never go wrong with black”
This is an argument that I can’t accept in principle. It is like some football teams playing only defence: fine, you don’t concede goals; but you rarely win. And anyway, how boring to see them play!

“You can match it with everything”
Are you really sure? To me certain combinations with black are forced. It feels like “I didn’t know what to match with this color so I used black”. Be careful, even in this case it’s playing in defence…

“What alternatives do I have?”
I would not want to upset you with this news, but there are other colors. And they are magnificent, especially if they look good on you and they match well.

“It’s good for any occasion”
Many women persist in ignoring the dress code, but it is known that black is forbidden during ceremonies. And anyway, total black is not recommended for any appointment in the morning.

 “It’s good on everybody”
If you have cool and intense colors, then lucky you. Otherwise no. Trust me! We bet a color analysis?

“Black is good at any ages”
After a certain age, black darkens especially when it comes to make-up. However, color can brighten and rejuvenate your face: use it for your glasses or other accessories and you will see the difference…

“In stores you can’t find other colors”
Certainly it is the most popular. But maybe, if we don’t find alternatives it is because we don’t even try: in stores we immediatly go to booths with black items, abandoning ourselves to a shopping habit(what an ugly word).

“It gives you an unique style”
There is no doubt that it is a stylish color. But I wouldn’t say unique: here in Milan I only see women dressed in black, especially during winter time. But even in summer (no, please).

Even Coco Chanel, passed into History (also) for the little black dress, claimed:
“The most beautiful color in the world is the one that looks good on you”.
I have to confirm that.

And you?
What would I find inside your wardrobe?
In the photo Anna Wintour. In a recent interview, at the question: “What would you never wear?” The diabolical director responded: “Black from head to toe.”
In the photo Anna Wintour. In a recent interview, at the question: “What would you never wear?” The diabolical director responded: “Black from head to toe.”

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