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False myths about tanning

This weekend I ran to the sea and, under the beach umbrella, while I was spreading the usual 50+ protection, I watched my neighbors going brown under the sun …

I was thinking that the suntan still holds on so many people, but today I want to go against the tide and dispel the false myths about tanning:


“Tanned, we look slimmer”

Of course, a dark leg appears slimmer than a white* one: there is no doubt. However, we must also take into account skinned shoulders, vertical wrinkles on the décolleté and  shriveled skin. Afrer all, I do not know if it is woth.

Kim Kardashian, then and now


“Suntan makes you look younger”

By aging, our colors become colder. Many people think of remedying by tanning a lot, but in reality the suntan shows (and aggravates) wrinkles.

Magda from “There’s something about Mary” (1998)


“Sunbathing is good for your health”

At small doses and during the right hours, yes. But the only way to mantain your skin young is to keep it away from the sun. Just look at how the face of those who have practiced outdoor sports for years has been marked.

Time never passes for Monica Bellucci


“With white skin* I look like Morticia Addams”

Uhm, yeah, it could be. But in my opinion Morticia  has always been very fascinating. And, just like her, may other famous “little ghosts”: Liv Tyler, Eva Green, Rooney Mara, Dita Von Teese, … Let me just say, not bad at all!?

Liv Tyler, Eva Green, Rooney Mara, Dita Von Teese


“With suntan you need no make-up”

Just say that with suntan using make-up it’s an impossible task! Our skin is low receptive: red lipstick becomes gross, foundation does not cover our redness , every eyeshadow looks too much, …

Maria Grazia Cucinotta  with two completely different styles


“Suntan hides imperfections”

Red skin, skin spots, wrinkles and opacity: it seems to me that the sun, rather than covering imperfections, creates them … Actually, a vicious circle is triggered, so we create new imperfections, thinking of covering them instead.

Catherine Zeta Jones, with and without suntan


“I can’t imagine myself without suntan”

It’s just a matter of habit, just like some people do not see themeselves without make-up. You should gradually begin to limit tanning lamps and appreciate the lighter and (visibly) more healthy and natural skin.

Donald Trump, before and after the election to the White House


“”White* skin is sad””

Any skin without makeup and without care is sad! Instead, white skin * creates a beautyful contrast with the hair, and it is the ideal base for make-up: have you ever noticed that a bright lipstick works very well during  the winter rather than during the summer?

Charlize Theron, whiter and more natural


“Tanning is fashionable”

The tanning fashion as we know it today dates back to the ’70s. Since then, there has been a surge to a kind of a leather-color during the 2000’s. Today, however, celebrities are increasingly returning pale …

Victoria Beckham: with her new look, no more suntan


“Tanning makes us prettier”

Could it be! Yet all the celebrities, who tenderly sunburned until a few years ago, have now stopped sunbathing. And, frankly, many of them are more beautiful now than 10-20 years ago …

Michelle Hunziker, ever more beautiful (and whiter)


Personally, I confess that I use the 50+ protection all year round, even in November with the rain and in February with the snow!

Maybe I am crazy, but let’s talk about it in about twenty years ?

Enjoy your summer everyone!


*Exalting the white skin, obviously I do not speak about race, but about style. In fact, I address to those who have light colors and carry on sunburning; not to those who already have an natural amber or dark skin.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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Posted on April 18, 2019

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