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Half seasons: how to dress in spring

We have long waited for spring, with its blooming trees, with longer days, the milder temperatures …

Now that it has arrived, there is only one problem: how should we dress ?!

Here is a survival manual for this “crazy” time: sun, rain, warm, wind …




Whether it’s raining or it’s sunny, it is time to put away heavy coats and fur. Instead, make space for lightweight coats: better if colored and short by the knee up!



With a skirt, pants, jeans … And then, in the morning, in the evening, elegant, casual … In short, the trench is a must have, precious especially at this time!



An item that I love! I think it’s very versatile on any occasion: in the morning on a dress to go to the office; in the evening, on a dress or a culotte pants.



This is the main spring! From the classic blue blazer to the tailored jacket, and also the sleek white version …



It gives color and personality to the look, but above all it protects by the wind and sudden temperature drops. When the temperatures are warmer, use it instead of the jacket or put it in your bag.



It’s not cool anymore, but it’s not hot yet … Then try light sweaters: in thin wool or cotton. Better if short-sleeved or three-quarter sleeves!



For a more casual style (or casual chic), wear a sweatshirt. You can find it in any color and pattern, but the classic one is always in melange gray!



It’s not used much during the year, but in this period it’s a great deal! The long vest replaces the jacket, the short one in wool or fresh wool matches a shirt or a t-shirt.



The shirt is a great classic of the wardrobe and this season we can show it off in all its simplicity, without mortifying it under the sweater. Superb with suspenders!



Even this must is timeless, but it’s particularly useful when we are undecided between skirt and pants. And above all between wool and cotton: denim is denim!



For gray and rainy days I would still use dark tights (but thinner); For sunny days we can already get rid of them (except in the more formal environments). When in doubt, fishnet tights are the solution!

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No more heavy boots and shoes! Free way to lighter and more colorful shoes, but be careful: the white pump goes only from May. And the socks can’t be darker than the shoes.


Who said there are no half-seasons anymore ?!
There are, alas, unfortunately (and fortunately)!

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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