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How to choose the bag – (Part 1)

You know, bags are a great passion for us women ...

They are a strategic accessory for the entire look, but it is often difficult to distinguish between models, colors and materials.

Here is a summary of the main models, with instructions for use:




FEATURES: big and versatile, it is a necessary model in any wardrobe.
WHEN YES: it is the everyday bag, ideal for moving and whenever we need to carry with us so many things (that is always).
WHEN NO: it is not a purse for formal events, ceremonies and important evenings.



FEATURES: it is a medium size bag with a handle to be worn by hand or forehand.
WHEN YES: is perfect for day and work. The lady-like model is ideal for ceremonies in the morning.
WHEN NO: even the most precious ones, are not suitable for evening events.



FEATURES: is one of the most loved models, thanks to the incomparable comfort.  Extremely lovely the messenger style bag
WHEN YES: it is super practical for everday, when you go around, because it leaves your hands free. If it is small, it is fine even in the evening.
WHEN NO: it depends on colors and materials, but a medium or small version is very versatile.



FEATURES: in this category are included all the small handbags worn by hand. From the soft ones to the leather envelope-style models.
WHEN YES: it is a more elegant handbag, perfect for special occasions. In the evening choose a small one, a medium to large one for the day time.
WHEN NO: it is not a work bag nor adequate for a graduation ceremony.



FEATURES: it is a small, typically rigid handbag.
WHEN YES: it is a evening bag for special occasions.
WHEN NO: it is not a day bag: neither from work nor for ceremonies in the morning.



FEATURES: directly from the 90’s, it is obviously the most comfortable thing there is!
WHEN YES: it’s pretty confortable during the day and has a very sporty style. But do not underestimate it: some models are definitely (casual) chic.
WHEN NO: it is not the right choice with a tailleurs and not even for ceremonies (day or evening).


Very interesting is a recent search from vente-privee, pioneer and leader of online event sales: tote bag is the most bought model by their partners (42%), followed by boston bag (28%), messenger (16%) and the bucket (14%).

And what about your favorite model?

In the next post you will find out how to choose a bag depending on materials, colors and… your Body Shape.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant  

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