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How to choose the bag – (Part 2)

The past week we discovered how to choose the right model of bag depending on the occasion.

This time we are going to learn ho to choose it on the basis of materials, colors and our silhouette too:



Since the classic skin is perfect on any occasion and well suited to every model, let’s discover the various alternatives

SUEDE: with the typical soft and velvety effect, it requires more care and attention, because it is more delicate.
WHEN YES: it is a more casual, day-to-day, leisure-time hide.
WHEN NO: it is not suitable for ceremonies and very rarely used for the more elegant handbags.



EXOTIC LEATHERS: ostrich, crocodile, python, fur …  They are precious and expensive, but they are also available in a “print” version.
WHEN YES:  it is tendably more elegant, so it’s fine for important occasions, but  a bag in exotic leather can also be minimized on jeans.
: unless you choose an ecological model, be aware of the animal-rights activists’ sensitivity.



FABRIC: canvas, cotton, wool, nylon or mesh, there is  a fabric  for every taste. Very practical and light.
WHEN YES: very comfortable for everyday, it can create dependence …
: even the most expensive models are unsuitable during important evenings or formal ceremonies.



STRAW: we put in this category all the materials in straw, rope, raffia …
WHEN YES: during summer months it is fabulous. At the sea, but also in the city. By day, but also for an aperitif at the pool.
: absolutely never during autumn and winter months. It is not suitable for formal occasions.



APPLICATIONS: studs, sequins, brooches and chains. A way to make your look more gritty (but also to personalize it).
WHEN YES  belle di giorno sulla maxi bag, ma anche di sera sulla clutch. Immancabili nell’armadio di una fashionista.
: trendically, better to avoid them at work or ceremonies. But it depends on the actual formality of the occasion.



From a recent search for vente-privee, pioneer and online event sales leader, it turns out that the most requested colors on the site are black and brown in its various shades (chosen from 60%), but also the neutral colors, such as gray and powdery (30%), and fancy prints (10%).

In general, it is useful to work on a color palette that is coherent with our personal colors, in order to facilitate matching and optimizing the wardrobe.

Basically, just take this quiz to discover whether you have warm or cool colors, then adapt clothes an accessories as consequence.




Keep in mind that your bag is a focal point: it will attract the eye to the area where it falls.

If you have an abundant breast, avoid shoulder bags or under arm bags to not add extra volume to your torso. Better to point on long straps that optically slim the upper part of the body.

If you have wide hips, you can choose under arm or shoulder bags, avoiding those who lean on the larger part of the silhouette.

When in doubt, just take this quiz to discover your Body Shape…

For every woman there is (at least) an ideal bag: what is yours?

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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Posted on September 24, 2017

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