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How to choose the swimsuit: the 2018 complete guide

Summer is coming and so the swimsuit season!

How to choose the right swimsuit to enhance your shapes and maybe disguise some small flaw?

Here are my suggestions for the main features and problems of the figure:



Always prefer thin straps: the wide ones make the cup look even smaller in proportion.

Use small stratagems that give depth to the décolleté: padding, flounces, ruffles, embroidery, bows and decorations of all kinds.

Also, choose bright color prints (with a “dilating” effect) and all that can give the optical illusion of movement.

For MEDIUM SIZE breasts, are particularly indicated band and triangles!

Small trick: slightly offset the triangles outwards, visually widening the neckline. The effect is more sexy and then gives tone and volume to the décolleté. Seeing is believing!




Prefer simple lines and dark colors, avoiding details and applications that give more volume.

The ideal model has the halter: choose it with wide braces, more proportioned and containment.

For the whole costume, focus on cross cuts and V-necks that lengthen the bust, resizing and shaping the breast proportionally.

It is then necessary to focus on quality: better a few costumes, but performing, with comfortable fabrics and underwire.




How to choose your swimsuit in this case? The perfect model is the mono shoulder: the eye follow the dyagonal line and do not see the horizontal volume.

Large straps are always a good idea.

Always avoid every detail that make the shoulder even more wider: boat neckline, band and horizontal lines of all kinds.





If the barycenter is low (long torso and short legs), briefs and full swimsuits must be skewed and never low-waisted.

A good options are very thin side straps, which do not interrupt the leg lenght.

Vice versa, avoid shorts and culottes, because they shorten the legs further.





Ruffles, flounces and overlays are useful (sometimes indispensable) to create an illusion of curves and roundness.

Excellent in this case, strong colors and lively patterns, which give a dilating optical effect.

Beware of the slightly masculine briefs, which are likely to further flatten your derrière.





Avoid applications, volumes, large floral patterns, and anything that can attract attention to the area.

Instead, focus on simple lines and dark colors, perhaps in color block.

Always play with proportions: a skimpy slip will make your hips and sit even more abundant. Better a more fascinating model, “in scale” with legs and buttocks.




Choose an one-piece swimsuit made in a shaping fabric: there are some really beautiful!

A nice alternative is the high waist pin-up culottes: sexy and shaping! Avoid them, however, if your breasts and abdomen are soft: you risk the muffin effect!




It’s a no-no for straps and particularly narrow and thin straps, which stick into the flesh, further emphasizing the natural folds.

The ideal is a one-piece swimsuit, with a rather high back neckline on the back. These are not necessarily sports models: there are also sexy and elegant …




It is important not to emphasize the waist with belts, bows or applications that act as focal points on the critical area.

On the contrary, the draped lines are excellent: they deceive the eye making the protuberance less evident.

A little trick is to focus on the décolleté with a push up or a deep neckline, which distracts from the lower part of the torso.




The ideal swimsuit is the trikini, along with those that draw a sort of hourglass, giving the optical illusion of a more shaped waist.

A very good one is the one-shoulder, with asymmetries and diagonal lines. Avoid, however, bands, high-waisted shorts and everything that traces horizontal lines.



Well, now that you have discovered how to choose the right swimsuit, you just have to book the holidays or at least the next weekend trip destinatio! 😉

Rossella Migliaccio
For courses and image consulting services, follow me also on Italian Image Institute

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