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How does an Image Consultancy work?

My work has always aroused curiosity, especially when I started:
I was one of the first in Italy and at that time people didn’t really know what it was.

Today, thanks also to numerous TV programs on the subject, it is finally clear.
But they have also created many misconceptions.
Frequently, I am asked questions like:


“If you come to my house, do you throw everything out of my closet?”

Why should I?! If your need is to throw away, you can call one of those eviction companies! Or you can buy big black trash bags and do it yourself. Anybody is good at throwing away. However a good stylist doesn’t throw anything away, but recycles!
My duties are: to find new solutions to old clothes; to repurpose purchased and never worn clothes; to create full outfits; to select what enhances us and remove what doesn’t work.


“How much does an Image Consultant cost? I guess an astonishing rate…”

Image Consultation services are more affordable than you might think.
Rates are like normal professional services, performed by a serious and competent person.
Obviously costs vary if  you rely on professionals or amateurs; but consequently results vary too as in all fields.
However, I am talking about hundreds of euros, and not  thousands and thousands like some believe…


“Do you decide my look or can I express my opinion?”

As the word implies, a consultant recommends: she gives an opinion and a method, by virtue of her experience and professionalism. But always with tact, discretion and empathy. It’s a work where you and I collaborate together: the style of a person is defined by her(or his) physical characteristics, personality and lifestyle.
And the client has the last word, because he (or she) has to wear those clothes and feel good.


“How long is an Image Consultation?”

The timing works like this: we make an appointment to get know each other (free and without obligation), in which the client tells me their wishes and needs, and I convey what I can do for him (or her). After this meeting, I make my offer which includes services, costs and timing.
The work can last half of a day or few weeks: clients are not all the same.
But above all, I am very flexible with time: I see some costumers only during (their) lunch breaks…


“I guess you have only VIP clients”

VIP: what an ugly word. To me, all my clients are Very Important People.
Of course, I often work with (more or less) popular people: managers, politicians, athletes, showgirls, …
But I also work with (and especially) ordinary people: teachers, office workers, graduates, housewives, …
And I will tell you more: Very Normal People are the ones who give me more satisfaction, becuase the transformation is even more amazing (and appreciated).


If you want more information, consult my Services page.
In addition, if you want to set up a meeting to submit your “case” just contact me.

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