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How to choose the blush? And how to apply it?

The blush is the fastest way to make us look fresh and healthy and shouldn’t be missing in our make up routine.

With the help of our make up artist Simona Talento, today we find out how to choose the blush and, especially, how to apply it.


Let me get this straight, before making confusion: the blush needs to add color and give dimension to the face, not to contour it. That said, its application depends by the face shape:

  • If you have a round face, blush works best if it’s applied in a big C, starting on your cheekbones to the temples (without overdoing on this area, of course).
  • If you have a long face, it’s better to focus the blush on the apples of the cheeks, creating a light touch of color around the centre of the face to break up the length.
  • If you have an oval-shaped face, you can apply the blush anywhere, on cheeks, cheekbone and temples.


One of the most common mistakes is to apply the blush with a certain abundance. The result should be imperceptible: it has to look like you’re blushing, rather than coloring the cheeks unnaturally. In short, less is more.

Special tip: before applying blush, cover with a concealer all redness around nose and mouth.


Rules want that a blush blends in with your natural undertone. If you have doubts, make the test to find out if you have WARM OR COOL COLORS.

A blue-toned pink blush (left picture) will be better on cool undertone, while peachy blushes (right picture) work good on warm skin tone.

how to choose the blush 10

However, there are EXCEPTIONS to the rule. A blue-toned pink blush, for example, can be very pretty even on a warm undertone, because it creates a nice contrast. But the opposite doesn’t work: cool undertone and warm blush.

BE CAREFUL of some combinations: raspberry lipstick with a bronzed-toned blush or coral lipstick with a cool pink blush. Match with consistency: warm colors with warm colors, and cool colors with cool colors.


CREAMS: they’re perfect to create a really natural effect. They perfectly melt with the skin, they have a slight sheen and work on any skin, expect the very oily ones.

POWDERS: they’re great for any type of skin: normal, oily or combination skin. To avoid on very dry skin. BE CAREFUL: apply face powder over the foundation before applying powder blush to avoid stains.

GELS: they’re very light and are longer lasting than creams and powders. The problem is that they’re more difficult to blend. The ideal would be to apply them on a smooth surface or the back of the hand (not directly on the face) and then blend it quickly with fingertips on the face.

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Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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