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How to look younger in 5 steps

Almost all my clients ask to me the same thing: “I would like to look younger”, “I would like to refresh my style”, “I would like to rejuvenate my look”, …
I want to share with you beauty secrets to achieve this goal.

Let’s begin by asking what defines “young”.
I’ve consulted the dictionary (God, how old am I?!) and among the most interesting synonyms I found: fresh, natural, clean.

That’s the real secret! If you want to look younger, remove the superstructures that make you look heavy and unnatural: improbable fake lashes, orange tan, backcombed hair… You know like Ivana Trump?

Ivana Trump vs Meryl Streep

Here’s my detailed beauty recipe to look younger in five steps:

  1. Make up has to be (or at least appear) simple and natural.
    It’s not time anymore for black kajal and pearl eyeshadows.
    Better choose camouflage that brightens the eyes and at the same time makes you look natural and fresh-faced. Also be careful of heavy lipsticks and lip pencils: they will just highlight little wrinkles of this delicate area!
    Use natural color and rich textures.


  1. Sore point: plastic surgery
    Sure, it could be a powerful weapon!
    But like a old advertising once said, power is nothing without control…
    I mean a few dermal fillers do miracles, but an ineexpressive and swollen face is weird and not attractive!
    Sometimes, in front of certain sphinxes one wonders: wasn’t a wrinkle better?!


  1. The Devil is in the Details
    Well, it will seem absurd, but a big age detector is hands.
    Sunspots, dry skin, and neglected nails immediatly betray a woman’s age!
    Same for the smile: don’t neglect your teeth, because they tell a lot about you and your age. To look younger, a dental hygiene visit is worth more than one lip injection session…


  1. Another beauty detail that often is neglected is eyebrows. They are fundamental in giving that fresh and natural look. Very thin eyebrows are immediatly placed into another “era”… And it’s not only a matter of fashion and the “Cara Delevigne” effect either.
    Unfortunately, it is difficult for many women to regain their arch after years of hair removal. At least you can correct the shape with a eyebrows pencil: eyes will change immediatly! Try it to belive it…
  2. Last, but not least: hair.
    There are middle-aged women affectionately attached to their long hair, especially blonde. Unfortunately this “nostalgic” look does nothing but highlight the passing of years… Ditto for all unnatural styles: sculpted curls, stiff hairstyles, hair sprayed wispy bangs, immediatly creating the “old lady” look… In general, it is more preferable to sport current haircuts, short or medium length, that would give you a more gritty and modern look. But above all, it would give you a fresh and natural look that never appear “too combed”.

Below a gallery of women, who over time have kept a “fresh, natural, clean” look. In other words: young.

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Posted on May 19, 2016

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