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How to wear makeup if you have red hair

After the advice on how to dress and what colors to use, today we talk about how to wear makeup if you have red hair. Either natural or dyed, it’s the same!

Let’s see step by step how to enhance these beautiful shades:


The ideal is a very LIGHT foundation or even a colored cream, to match with a liquid concealer. The complexion of women with red hair is very light and delicate that it would look too heavy with with more consistent products. Do not forget about FRECKLES: covering them up would be a crime!

How to wear makeup if you have red hair 1


For women with red hair, warm colors are perfect: peach and APRICOT for lighter skin; TERRA COTTA for women that tend to have brown hair.

How to wear makeup if you have red hair 2


If you have BLUE EYES, try bronze and peach colors.
GREEN EYES will be enhanced with purple shades: lilac or, better yet, plum.
And BROWN EYES will be emphasized by earth tones: from beige to brown.
In general, a palette of autumn colors works very well for all women with red hair.

How to wear makeup if you have red hair 3


If your lashes are particularly clear, black mascara would be too much. A BROWN mascara would be more effective and balanced.

How to wear makeup if you have red hair 5


Sometimes they are clear and almost imperceptible: in this case, it’s worthwhile to define them with a pencil for eyebrows. In general, be careful not to go too far from your HAIR COLOR, otherwise you’ll risk creating a terrible  fake effect. This is especially true for unnatural red hair.

Cinema: 'La scuola piu' bella del mondo'


If you want a more natural look, choose a PEACH lipgloss or a terra cotta lipstick. If you prefer a more intense look, try a VERMILION or coral lipstick.

How to wear makeup if you have red hair 7

Some example of how to wear makeup with red hair?
Here is a selection of beautiful beauty looks to copy:

You could also find interesting  How to dress if you have red hair.

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Image Consultant

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