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Tights or no tights: instructions for use

…continues from “tights or no tights: that’s the dilemma”

In the previous post we have analyzed the various occasions when the Dress Code or the Etiquette prescribe the use of tights.

However, this time I would like to give some advice on how to match tights to the outfit and to the body and how to wear tights:

  1. COLORED and PATTERNED tights tend to enlarge optically. Use them only if you have long and thin legs. Otherwise, use dark colors or a single color.
  2. MATT and opaque tights have a slimming effect, while pantyhose and GLOSSY tights have the opposite effect. Then choose accordingly.
    tights yes or not 1.
  3. A THICK HEEL looks better with opaque tights, and STILETTO HEEL prefers pantyhose. The 60 denier (and over) tights are better with BOOTS, but never pantyhose (especially flesh-colored).


  4. And with SANDALS, tights or no tights? I would say yes, even in winter, unless it’s very opaque. Traditionalist women won’t like them, but fashionista ones love them.
    tights yes or not 2.
  5. Remember that tights can NEVER be darker than shoes. Forget black tights with white shoes. If you really have to, use COLORED PUMPS with anthracite tights, because they look better than black.
    tights yes or not 3.
  6. For important events, I would recommend you always carry SPARE TIGHTS in your bag. But, in general, it would be wise to keep a spare pair even in the drawer of the desk in the office. There’s nothing worse than laddered tights.
  7. Tights or no tights? It depends by FABRICS: heavier dresses and skirts look better with tights; lighter ones can also be worn without them, unless the dress code wants them.
    tights yes or not 5.
  8. Tights or no tights? It depends by THE RIM OF THE SKIRT: opaque tights can be worn with mini skirt; but you don’t need tights with maxi skirts.
    tights yes or not 9.
  9. How many DENIER? In the evening pantyhose are more elegant (and sexier); instead, 40 denier up are better in the daytime.
  10. TO ELONGATE THE BODY, try to match tights with shoes, so you elongate the leg. Kate Middleton knows a lot about this.
    tights yes or not 8

If this handbook about how to wear tights was useful, also read my post about the dress code rules Tights or no tights: that’s the dilemma.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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