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The worst beauty mistakes for men

Some time ago I posted a funnu (but not so much) article about some lapses in grace for men.

Today I would like to complete that speech, focusing on the worst beauty mistakes.



Eyebrows have an incredible role in giving intensity to the sight. It’s true for women, but it’s even more true for men.

It is not a matter of virility: the thin and ultra-defined arcade penalizes the eyes and coarsens the style.



I am not going to talk about the comb over from side to side, hoping that this now belongs only to the most agée generations.

But there is a large part of the male population that struggles (badly) with the receding: the solutions are there, but they are not the comb over.



The hair (fakely) uncombed can have their attractive and give a certain charm.

But leaving uncultivated sideburns, which turn into curly bushes on the sides of the ears, is just a big NO…



Ok, the beard is in fashion (still ???). But goatees and other hairy “decorations” are not exactly the best.

I remind you that the goatee (especially gray) did not look good even on Brad Pitt. Or, at least, Angelina said so …



One of the beauty mistakes men do often is definitely the abuse of aftershave, perfumes and various deodorants.

Whatever the fragrance be, the headache is assured (think about it before going out with a woman).



I thought I’d put it at the top of the list, but I did not want to look maniacal.

There is an Italian proverb saying “l’homo ha da puzzà” (the man has to be smelly), but it is just a funny saying, unfortunately many take it tragically seriously …



If it is true that the devil is in the details, bear in mind that we women start observing someone precisely from those.

A cared hand, with clean nails (and not reduced to the bone), is the basic requirement of an elegant man. Ditto for the feet.



A careful grooming should hold off the unsightly fuzz that many men wear casually on various parts of the face.

I refer to: ears, nose, and any other element of disorder and slackness.



A short time ago I told you about the new trend of white and bright skin (also for men).

A light “post-weekend” color is also good. But no really elegant man goes around with a leather-colored face.



And let’s go back to the hair: for those who have a beautiful hair, it is right for them to enhance it.

Absolutely banned, however, all those substances that leave a greasy effect.


Here it is …

Those beauty mistakes are much more common and, frankly, even worse than for women!

To deepen these and other themes of the man style, I point out my course of Personal Styling For Man (next date 12 November) last places in promo -20%.


Rossella Migliaccio
Consulente di Immagine

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