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MUST HAVE of the Fall wardrobe

Fall is here and it’s time to upgrade the wardrobe for the new season.

I decided to make a list of 10 MUST HAVE of the Fall wardrobe: not the latest trends, but those timeless items on which is worth investing.



Short or long, for the morning or the evening, casual or elegant: nothing is more versatile than a trench. And it’s also a real must have of the wardrobe, for any season. Iconic and timeless, it’s the item that you need in the closet.
MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 1



Autumn is no longer considered a midseason and winter is getting milder, so I think that a light/medium weight coat is essential. Also to avoid to wear a duvet jacket in October.

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 2



It’s not really a Must Have of the Fall wardrobe of all time, but it’s a recent trend. But it’s so practical and versatile, I decided to put it in my list of items you must have: wool or fur, it’s your choice!
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MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 3



In this category I wanted to include the cape, the cloak or the poncho: different items, but the concept is the same. We usually underestimate the midseason, and yet this is the season that puts us in crisis in front of the wardrobe. It’s worth thinking about!

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 4



I love the leather jacket. It’s more than a sporty item! Of course it’s a casual jacket, perfect with denim. But it’s also a strategic jacket if you want to make a romantic dress more gritty. Perfect with light rain and windy days.

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 5



After the review of must have coats of the Fall wardrobe, it’s time to move on to knitwear. Invest in sweaters in neutral colors, elegant and easy to match. Thin wool (cashmere is perfect) e and  short sleeves or three quarter are preferable.

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 6



I would say they are essential at work, but also during free time. When the temperature gets lower, fabrics become heavier. Invest in black pants, they will always be useful. If instead you don’t love them or you want to switch, try other classic colors: grey, blue navy, beige

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 7



It’s not just the must have of the Fall wardrobe, but they are very strategic during this period. Just think about it: is it too early to wear a skirt with tights? Too late to wear white pants? It rains and you want something comfortable? For those and other doubts, denim will always be the easiest answer.

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 8



Temperatures drop and the weather is not the best during fall. But let’s face it, wearing a hat is always a good idea! You can choose your own style: a wide-brimmed, fedora hat or beret.

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 9



Fall is my favorite season! No, not because of the weather of course, but because of the wardrobe so full of accessories. We are spoiled for choice, but my favorite is the foulard: you just need to wear one to upgrade the whole look!

MUST HAVE del guardaroba autunnale 10


And to complete the list of must have of the Fall wardrobe, check out my article about what to wear when it rains.

I bet you want to go shopping already! ?

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant



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