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Once upon a time there was a waist

Looking at the wasp waist of divas of the 50s, it’s a wonder how they could have such measurements but was important to note is what happened in the meanwhile.
I mean, within a few generations, waistlines have practically doubled (even in thin women).

There are two suppositions: either women in the present have undergone a genetic mutation or women in the past had a trick.
Well, my friends, there is always a trick.
In the 50’s women used to wear a corset: an infernal piece of clothing, but also very sexy, that created the hourglass look even on rectangular-shaped body!
Another intimate secret was a waist cincher: a kind of belt, sometimes sewn inside clothes to squeeze the waist like a band.
Corset and waist cincher helped in styling, but eventually they ended up shaping the body with an incredible shaping effect.

Corsetti vintage
Corsetti vintage

Fortunately, today corsets and waist cinchers are coming back into fashion.
And I am not talking about boring flesh colored girdles!
In today’s market you can find models that are effective as they are sexy.
And as usual, it’s not a matter of budget!
You can find them at Intimissimi, La Perla, Yamamay, Chantelle, Agent Provocateur and Spanx.?Such an overwhelming wealth of options!

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