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Pantone Fall Winter 2018 2019

A few days ago my friend Simona Melani has published an interesting color guide for the next season: I join her, to talk about Pantone’s proposals for fall / winter 2018.

Let’s find out right away which they are, who they look good on and how to match Pantone colors fall winter 2018!



It takes its name from a variety of tomatoes: it is a rich and enveloping color and the fabric that enhances it most is velvet.

It is a deep and sensual color: on brunettes it is a real bomb!

Match it with navy blue if you prefer cold tones; or dark brown if you prefer warm ones.



More lively, but not less intense, is the second Pantone Fall Winter 2018!

This shade of red adapts well to different incarnates, also because it lends itself to different combinations.

As above, I really like it with royal blue and cold tones. But it also goes well with the palette of warm autumn colors.




Definitely cold and bright: beautiful on both brunettes and blondes; the only requirement is porcelain skin.

For a bolder match, match it with Limelight (another fall-winter Pantone 2018). For a more sober look, instead, bet on a classic burgundy.




It is a mustard nuance, cannot be missed in the autumn palette. Personally I use it a lot, because it is really easy to combine: you can wear it on any warm color, from orange to forest green.

Less easy to wear because it requires a warm complexion: whether it is a golden chestnut or a reddish blonde.




And here is another warm shade of Pantone fall winter 2018: this time the inspiration comes from the famous cocktail!

If you have a warm undertone, this color can become the basis of your wardrobe: from the coat to the ankle boots, from the bag to the sweater. Here, maybe not all at once: combine it with terracotta or saffron …




How can you talk about autumn without mentioning orange ?! I know, it’s one of the least loved and hard-to-wear colors

But if you are golden blondes, hot red-head or brunette, this is your color! Please do not combine it with black: choose a nice hazelnut brown or a dark brown and then tell me!



Other than Pantone fall winter 2018, this is the color of the year, which we also met in the spring summer palette.

If you want to discover everything, like…really everything, on this color, I refer you to my complete guide to the Ultra Violet




Who said yellow comes only in warm shades ?! This delicate straw-yellow color goes well with silver, indigo, violet and all the cold tones.

As well as enhancing the complexion of women with a lunar skin, rather than those with warm colors …




It’s part of the Pantone fall winter 2018 palette, but frankly it seems more like a spring color!

You can choose it for a cashmere sweater on something blue or fon an accessory on a total white winter look.

Who is it good for? If you’re brunette with light eyes, this is your color for next season!



Also this Pantone fall winter 2018 seems more summery than winterly. But considering that our closets are more and more transeasonal, I would say that it’s just fine!

The difference is made by the fabric: for the cold months it will suffice to decline it on velvet or coarse wool …

As for the combinations, I suggest you the purple hues if you have cold colors; or golden colors if you have warm colors. The beauty of this color is also the versatility!



Obviously there is no lack of classic colors, which are always a good base!

For warm colors we have: Almond Buff and Meerkat.

For cold colors instead: Sargasso Sea; Tofu; Quiet Gray.

I do not know about you, but I’m looking forward to the autumn!


Rossella Migliaccio
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