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Pantone Fall Colors 2017: pick yours!

Let’s find out the Pantone Fall colors 2017: one more beautiful than the other!

Here is a complete guide to choosing the one that enhances us the most, according to the principles of Color Analysisy:




The name comes from the citrus and red fruits cocktail, which give to it this warm and intense color.

Similarly, it’s beautiful on women with warm and bright colors like Angelina Jolie. Match it with jewels in yellow gold.



It’s a color of the Fall palette, halfway between the bordeaux and the dark brown, ideal for women with amber skin, like Blake Lively.

It’s beautiful with jewels in yellow gold or Marina, another Pantone Fall Color 2017 (see below).



It’s already a delicious name: it means “dance shoe”. And in fact this color remembers classic dancers and their femininity.

Being very delicate, it seems to be perfect specifically for ethereal women like Gwyneth Paltrow. Beautiful with silver or pinkish brow (cool).



It is a warm and neutral color, timeless like those camel coats that I love so much in the fall.

It’s not easy to wear, but for reds like Jessica Chastain and, in general, for all warm-colored women, it’s very sophisticated.



This blue enhances especially women with strong and olive colors, like Salma Hayek, but also many blondes, as long as they have cool colors.

If I love it with lemon yellow in the summer months, I prefer it with bordeaux and purple shades for the fall season.



It is the perfect neutral color, among these Pantone Fall colors 2017. Beautiful in richer and shiny fabrics, from satin to cashmere.

It’s perfect for women with cool and delicate colors, like Diane Kruger, Kate Moss or Lara Stone.


It is a particular shade of petrol blue, which is very much in my heart. I love matching it with golden shades or coral red.

It is good for different types. But especially for who has amber skin tone, like Canalis.



Another warm and bright color, this Pantone Fall color 2017 is awesome with eggplant color and all golden shades. Golden, in fact.

For blondes or brunettes, the basic requirement to bring the lime is having a warm undertone. Otherwise, it is highly discouraged.



Technically, it’s a cool color. But it has such brightness, that also looks great on women with warm colors, especially if they are blond or red.

It’s great with all orange hues, playing on complementary colors.



Do you know the wonderful color of maple leaves? Here, this Pantone Fall 2017 gets its name and tone.

In the warm season it is amazing with leather, in the cold months with the suede. Forbidden to those who have porcelain skin, ideal for those who have amber skin.


These are the colors Fall Pantone 2017: I can’t wait to wear them … But only those who are good on me. ?


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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