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Pantone Spring Summer 2019 colors

Here are the Pantone Spring Summer 2019 colors: let’s look at them well, because the Pantone of the year also hides among them.

In the expectation that the chosen one will be revealed to us from the United States, let’s analyze them all according to the principles of the Color Analysis:



FEATURES: the first Pantone Spring Summer 2019 is warm and lively (nomen omen).

PAIRINGS: for the summer, combine it with turquoise. The rest of the year with hazelnut or golden yellow.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: especially for women with warm complexion; blondes, red-heads and brunettes.



FEATURES: it is a deep and sensual color, for an evening dress or a lipstick.

PAIRINGS: it is very fine with navy blue, but it is also interesting with the teal blue.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: for the Deep subgroups, who have dark and deep colors, both warm and cool.




FEATURES: It is exactly the color of turmeric; warm, deep and spicy.

PAIRINGS: it is perfect with all the colors of the earth; also splendid with aubergine purple or greens.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: it’s a difficult color, but golden-skin women are really enchanting with it.



FEATURES: still a warm color among these Pantone Spring Summer 2019 …

PAIRINGS: combine it with any bright and lively color. Please, never with black.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: it is one of the jolly colors of the Spring palette, above all the Bright subgroup.




FEATURES: finally here is a Pantone Spring Summer 2019 with a cold undertone.

PAIRINGS: try the monochromatic with other violets until blue or indigo.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: brunette or blonde, it does not matter. What matters is the Cool subgroup.




FEATURES: literally, pepper stem; a pungent and very vibrant color.

PAIRINGS: I like it with golden yellows, but also with purple is a nice alternative.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: you must have strong colors to hold it; dark hair and / or light, bright eyes.



FEATURES: let’s go on with the Pantone Spring Summer 2019 series with a warm undertone color.

PAIRINGS: with warm colors, like orange; otherwise, contrast it with blue.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: the warm undertone is favored; if lit by tanning, better still.




FEATURES: here is a beautiful cool shade, to use as a basic color in spring.

PAIRINGS: from lemon yellow to shocking pink, from coral red to burgundy.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: perfect for those with porcelain skin and / or very bright eyes.




FEATURES: still a Pantone Spring Summer 2019 of warm temperature.

PAIRINGS: invest in a pair of Toffee sandals; it will be a passe-partout for the whole summer.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: light brown or dark blond, belonging to Soft subgroups.



FEATURES: what a beautiful color (and taste) of mango, it is immediately summer!

PAIRINGS: we can have fun matching it with purple or red; or simply with gold.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: to enhance the tan, a swimsuit of this color is a must!




FEATURES: it does not look like a Pantone Spring Summer 2019, it is rather autumnal.

PAIRINGS: with the leather brown and something ivory, you can create a nice Saharan look.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: it is a sophisticated color, which I would attribute especially to red-head women.




FEATURES: lilac is a romantic and delicate color with a cool undertone.

PAIRINGS: declinate it on light chiffon fabrics; but try it for make-up too.

FOR WHOM IT SUITS: if your complexion has pink undertone, this is the color for you



I am literally delighted with this Pantone Spring Summer 2019 palette!

I can not choose my favorite color: which one do you choose?


If you love colors and want to discover all the secrets, do not miss my next Color Analysis course


Rossella Migliaccio
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