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Sales technique: how do they convince us to buy?

Recently I was interviewed by Sky News about shopping and sales techniques.
One of the question was: “Are we being manipulated by shopping industry?”.

My answer was yes: of course, there are specific strategies to get us to buy more! It’s about proven sales techniques, that stores adopt daily.

These includes:

1.      LIGHTS
It’s scientifically proven that exposure to light influences mood positively. Well, you may have notice the abundance of spotlights in stores. No, it’s not a coincidence: in fact, it helps to put us in a better mood… to buy.

2.      MUSIC
Even music can have a positive effect on the psyche: it can put us at ease, lower defensive barriers, relax us, and ultimately, makes us buy with more ease. It’s the most basic sales techniques.

3.      PERFUME
Purchases involve more the emotional than the rational side. So stores try to involve all five senses, smell in the first place. From Prada to Hermès, there’s no boutique that doesn’t have its distinctive perfume.

It’s not completely random as it seems: the disposition of clothes in stores has a precise order. Have you ever wondered why Zara perfumes are close to the cash register? While you’re in line, you try them, and maybe you also buy them.

Escalators in department stores don’t follow a direct flow: they often force you to circle around the floor just to go to the next one. It’s just a trick to make you visit an area that otherwise you wouldn’t have seen. And maybe you find something nice to buy…

Clothing stores always offer total outfits, both on mannequins and stands. It’s a little trick to sell more clothes possible: did you go inside to buy a skirt? How can’t you also buy that shirt that match so good?

7.      PRICE .90
Whatever the price tag is, it’s more interesting if it ends up with 90 cents. It’s an old method, but effective: $ 99.90 will make you feel less guilty than $100. It is the same amount of money, but you spend more lightly.

Knowing these sales techniques won’t make you indifferent to the lure of shopping. But good to know.

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