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In the last post we’ve talked about the different body types: if you haven’t done it yet, discover which group you belong in(ectomorph, mesomorph o endomorph).

Today we discover how to enhance the somatotype ECTOMORPH THROUGH fabrics, cuts and details.



Let’s dispel a myth right away: it’s not true that skinny women can look good wearing any clothes.
It may seem absurd, but even skinny people have styling problems: some clothes are shapeless and I guarantee you that the mannequin effect looks good only on the catwalk (maybe).



The body of the ectomorph type has no softness, so you need to work on curved lines, full-bodied fabrics and a structured style.
A jacket would help a lot: a nice jacket can define the shoulders and the whole body much better than a cardigan.



It’s important to create soft curves around the hips and bend the waist optically. Choose round cuts (edges, necklines, etc.) that make the silhouette soft.

In addition, prefer light colors and patterns: polka dots, flowers, squares, …



Ruffles, pleats, puffs and straps will structure shoulders and bust. At the same time they create those curves that are often absent, particularly on breast and hips. Scarfs, foulard and fur collars work very well.



Absolutely avoid oversize clothes, that create the “crutch” effect.
Stay away from anything that looks without shape on the body, because it gives a rectangle shape to the ectomorph type.



No to light fabrics. Yes to gabardine, twill, velvet, taffeta, denim, leather, padded fabric.

For wedding dresses and for the night, choose heavy silks, like duchess satin fabrics.
For winter, coarse-mesh wool works better; while for summer choose linen or cotton, more rigid and heavy.



If you are particularly small, wear medium to small bags and thin heels.
Big totes and shoes will highlight your bony body and the ectomorph appearance.



If thinness focuses on the upper body, shoulders and bony bust, I recommend you to wear long hair and, possibly, waved hair. It will create a nice volume and softness, which will benefit the entire silhouette.


Here are some examples of women that know how to enhance (admirably) their ectomorph body:

In the next posts, we will learn to enhance also the endomorph and mesomorph types.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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