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Somatotype endomorph: how to enhance a curvy body

Some time ago we’ve talked about the different body types and analyzed the different  somatotypes: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph (find out your somatotype).

Today we talk about the endomorph type and we will learn how to enhance a curvy body.



The somatotype endomorph has a robust structure, with soft and rounded lines.

The goal will be to enhance the curves, without adding volume to the body: so we have to focus on flowing lines and light fabrics.



It’s very important not to hide the waist, but to enhance it with diagonal cuts (wrap dresses are perfect). When the waist is not marked, we can create an optical effect with cuts, drapes or with contrasting shaped dresses.

Choosing a correct underwear is strategic, and essential: now many lingerie brands have interesting shaping lines (and they are very feminine too).



In general, as somatotype endomorph, it’s better to prefer unstructured cuts and vertical lines.

Choose simple jackets, single-breasted or without a collar.
If you are a plus size, at work you can wear soft cardigans instead of jackets.

Use dark colors, but remember that you don’t have to dress only in black (if you are fanatical of the total black, read here). Regarding patterns, I recommend plain colors or those not too contrasting.



Avoid too structured cuts and rigid fabrics, that give an extra size to the body .

Red light also for all those details that give superfluous volume to the body: ruffles, patches, pockets, scarfs, ecc…



The fabrics that work best for the somatotype endomorph are those of light weight: chiffon, light silk, jersey, rayon, thin cotton, crepe silk or wool.

Avoid those rigid: heavy cotton, hard satin, woven wool, padded fabrics, ecc.



Remember to choose accessories in proportions: medium to big bags and accessories look better on a curvy woman.

On the same principle, prefer block heels instead of stiletto: the smaller the shoes are, the bigger the calf will look.



Even the hair plays an important role. If you have a curvy body, a medium and not too voluminous haircut would be ideal: it’s a small detail, but everything is important.


If you have too many “curves”, you may find interesting my post on how to dress to look thinner

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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