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Once upon a time there was surgery

Every time we talk about the great icons of the twentieth century, people usually  throw themeselves in great sighs: “Oh yes, they were natural beauties! Not like today’s famous people, all re-done … “

Dear friends, today I want to dispel a great myth: cosmetic surgery has always existed, the difference is that in the past, common people knew nothing about it … Rhinoplasty is a practice  documented in the ancient Rome period and even before!

But today I am going to dwell on the twentieth century, speaking of the interventions to which our favorite icons have been submitted. Beginning with the most unexpected:



Marilyn has always been a knockout, but not everyone knows that her beauty has been perfected by scalpels.

It is documented in several biographies that she underwent various aesthetic surgeries, including nose and chin surgery (with a cartilage inplant).


Moreover, the most famous blonde of all time … was not a blonde! Already, because our Marilyn was a beautiful brunette!

Several sources affirm she had undergone electrolysis surgery to move back her hairline and, in fact, raise her face.


In addition to the aesthetic surgery, Marilyn had devised other devious ways to increase her charm.

For example, to make her skin smoother and brighter, before each shot, she used to shave her face. You have understood well: she passed the razor on her face to eliminate any shade of hair.

But, after all, it was a very common practice in the old Hollywood: Elisabeth Taylor and many other illustrious colleagues used to do it…

She also applied fake nipples on the outside of her bra so that her breasts would have appeared particularly turgid.

In the 1950s, bullet bras were very fashionable, giving the breast the typical pointy look. But the fake nipple was just Marilyn’s …



Over the years The Blue Angel was able to twist her own face with different methods, surgical and not.

In fact, she underwent lifting operations to lift forehead and eyelids. Oh yes, because it is not just an optical effect of the eyebrows, shaved and redesigned higher, but a real work of aesthetic surgery.

In addition, she resorted to an old method still in use among our TV presenters: she used to roll small locks and pull them behind, to raise her eyelids and  the upper part of her face.

By the time, the hair thinned down to the alopecia, but this was not a problem, because most Hollywood divas used wigs.


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As we said, the upper part of the face was completely redefined and lifted up. But even the lower part of her face was not natural …

It is well-known that Marlene Dietrich had extracted several molars to get that fascinating hollow effect that we all remember.



Hayworth’s real distress was her low forehead: for more than a year she underwent exhausting electrolysis sessions to burn the follicles and permanently eliminate some hair.

In the end she was able to retract the hairline about 2.5 cm (check on a ruler: 2.5 cm is really a lot!).

If this impresses you, consider that Ingrid Bergman got the same result with the blade … What crypto to invest in now or worth looking at? What crypto to invest in now? The crypto market has recently seen a huge boom, with the prices of the two main assets – Bitcoin and Ethereum – constantly going up and down.

But there is another thing: the most famous redhead movie diva … was not a real redhead!

She used to have black hair, which she dyed red immediately after electrolysis. At the same time, she also made the skin lighter … And here’s Gilda the redhead!



In fact, since the 1920s in Hollywood aesthetic surgery was used (and abused)  both by men and women.

RODOLFO VALENTINO, silent movie star, underwent an intervention to settle his wailing ears: since that his career took off …

The great JOAN CRAWFORD, when returned to the MGM in the early 1950s, stated: “Face and breast are new, the butt is always the same.” What do you astonish about? The first breast augmentation operations date back to the end of the 19th century!

And what about CARMEN MIRANDA? Her facial lifting was so exaggerated that she remained with extremely rised eyebrows for the rest of his life!

Someone says that SOPHIA LOREN at the beginning of her career had nosenose and a smile operation (at that time, practically all the actors changed their teeth facets). But our national Sophia has always denied any intervention, both yesterday and today …


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Image Consultant 


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