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The gift etiquette

After my post to avoid embarrassing mistakes, today we talk about the gift etiquette.

Here is the bon ton Decalogue of Christmas gifts (and not only) …




The etiquette forbids them. And actually they are offensive and distasteful: how should a wife feel after receiving a vacuum machine? The gift should please the child is in all of us: do you remember when you were little and you got clothes rather than toys?



Many stores of different product genres offer the opportunity to purchase gift certificates. Surely it is a present with low risk, because in fact who receives it can choose what to get. But do it only if you two have a certain confidence and if you do not have ideas.



Please, when you give something (anything), don’t make comments on its value. It’s given generously, not for vanity. It is a gesture that should not expect (or demand) anything in return: an intelligent person will appreciate the received gift.



Giving a Christmas card with the gift is not mandatory, but it is definitely a nice gesture, especially when using nice and personal words. It is also a nice memory to keep. The card instead becomes mandatory when you don’t deliver the gift in person.



The gift should be unwrapped when they give it to you, to give satisfaction to those who did it. If you really have no way to open the gift in the presence of those who’ve donated it, remember to call them immediately afterwards to thank them.



Don’t be shy: there is nothing wrong in changing the present. Indeed, already at the time of purchase, you should ask him the receipt. The important thing is that it is about the change of size or color. Changing the item completely, instead, becomes embarrassing.



One of the most petty things is recycling gifts. It is one thing to give something that we don’t use to a person with whom we have some confidence. It is another thing to sell a gift that actually was meant for us: an absolute joke.



There are people who have special skills, from cooking to painting, from sewing to decoupage. Give something we have done with our hands is beautiful. Provided, however, that you are good and that the gift will come out good.



Another good gift can be a good book, maybe with a dedication. Once again there are conditions: it has to have meaning for who gives it or is of particular interest to who receives it. Nothing is more banal than giving random books as a gift.



Finally, we also talk about superstition. Personally I do not believe in certain things, but it’s good to know that you never give pearls or handkerchiefs, both symbols of tears. Ditto for things that sting, like brooch. The wallets have to be given already with a coin inside.


That’s it my friends!
We just have to wait for the midnight to unwrap the presents … let’s hope for the best!

Merry Christmas and thank you for the affection and the following.

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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