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How to have perfect eyebrows (part 2)

After the post on the right shape for each face, we find out now how to get perfect eyebrows. Even today our makeup artist Simona Talento will enlighten us.



Make sure you have scissors, tweezers and trimmer (a small razor for facial hair).

First of all, brush the hair upwards and trim that too long with the scissors. Then, get rid of the excess with the tweezers, and finally with the trimmer clean up the remaining hair out of the boundary.

Here below a simple diagram to understand the starting point, the final one, and the arch of the eyebrows.





It’ s the easiest and fastest tool. In the market there are so many, but it’s important that the pencil is rather dry, so the strokes are clean and precise, and doesn’t smudge during the day.

Draw small strokes instead of a long and continuous line, in order to recreate the shape of the natural hair. It is essential to have a light touch, to avoid an heavy and unnatural effect!

Esempi: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, urban decay,hourglass
Hourglass; Urban Decay; Anastasia; Benefit



Use an angled brush to define the eyebrows and to get a filling effect, but be careful not to exceed with the product (especially the ends) because you risk a heavy effect.

After the application, remember to brush the eyebrows to remove excess product. It’s important to use matte eye shadows and without glitters.

Urban Decay; Nabla; Anastasia; Anastasia
Urban Decay; Nabla; Anastasia; Anastasia



After the filling phase we have just seen, the mascara for eyebrows can’t be missed, because it makes sure hair doesn’t move all day.

The ideal would be to use these products combined together, because they give a better effect.

But if you are not very good at it (or simply you don’t need to fill in), apply a colored mascara. In this way, besides the fixative effect, you will get also an (almost) volumizing effect, because it colors even the smallest and invisible hair.

Clinique; Mac; Essence; Benefit
Clinique; Mac; Essence; Benefit



Tend to choose cool colors, because eyebrows hair is more greyish than hair color (except for red hair, that of course will use warm colors).

Usually, blondes will choose a slightly darker color than hair. Brunettes will prefer a tone or half tone lighter.


You just need to study the right shape for your face to have perfect eyebrows!

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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