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How to wear fishnet socks (with style)

From the catwalks to street style, through Socials, they are all crazy for fishnet stockings!

Actually they are a great classic (also quite sensual), dusted off today from all brands, from Dolce & Gabbana to Zara.

With a skirt or pants, but especially under jeans, it seems that this spring we can not leave without it …

So here’s some ideas for outfits to wear fishnet stockings with style:



With loafers you can wear fishnet tights or short socks. In any case, with pants or with jeans, they are ideal for the mid season!


Even with the sneakers, you can choose a long fishnet tights or socks. In particular, with a skirt or a mini-dress you will use socks, while with ripped jeans you’ll choose the tights.


I love the combination with miniskirt and boots! They have the same charm of fishnet comprare viagra per telefono tights, but they are definitely more aggressive.


The classic combination is the one with pumps. Remember: the narrow heel wants the narrow grid; The wide heel wants to wide grid.


Fishnets find a compromise with those who love sandals with tights and those that hate them, because the coverage is quite different than the usual tights.


Doc Martens are classics, but any combat boots are fine for a grunge look. The ripping (of jeans or socks) has an even more aggressive effect.


How to choose the fishnet based on your body? My advice is the following: if you have slender legs, choose a wide network; if you have more shapely legs, choose a narrow network.

And speaking of fishnet tights, you might find interesting my post Tights or no tights? That’s the dilemma.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant 

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