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How to wear make up with glasses

How to wear make-up with glasses?

Some people have difficulty in choosing and applying the right products, so they prefer not to wear make-up. However, in this case the make-up has a particular strategic role.

To learn how to wear make-up with glasses and how to enhance your look, I asked the opinion of Simona Talento, precious collaborator and expert make-up artist.



Glasses emphasize the whole eye area, eyebrows included. It’s worth it to keep them in order and clean.

Get rid of extra hair and fill any gaps. Then, fix them with a gel for eyebrows because glasses, moving, could give a messy look.

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How to wear makeup with glasses, so you don’t have the issue of your lashes grazing the glass? First of all, pick up an eyelash curler!

After curling them, apply a lot of mascara on the roots rather than the tips, so you give intensity, but it won’t be heavy at the tip.

EXTRA TIP: to prevent the mascara from falling off on lenses, use a waterproof or very moisturizing mascara.


This is an essential step! A good primer will prevent the glasses from slipping down the nose and the foundation from leaving stains on the glasses.

The secret is to apply a thin layer of foundation on the nose and the area where the frame rests on the face. After this step, always apply powder to set the foundation.

EXTRA TIP: to avoid excess of product on the nasal septum, dab it with a sponge like the Beauty Blender.

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It would be nice if glasses could hide dark circles: far from it!
In fact lenses create cool shadows under the eyes, making them more visible.

Then you’ll need to use a yellow concealer, to bright the eye area.

You can also read the post on how to cover dark circles.



An important consideration: if you’re nearsighted, the lenses of the glasses will make your eyes smaller.

So apply bright colors that will open the eyes and apply a lot of volumizing mascara on the upper and lower lashes.
But I would avoid black kajal or very dark smokey eyes.

If you are farsighted, your eyes will look bigger. In this case, use dark colors for eye pencils and eyeshadow and apply mascara on the upper lashes.

In general, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic, avoid cool colors, because they’ll create more shadows behind the lenses and you will look tired.


How to wear makeup with glasses? And how to choose the color of the frame?
The rule is never choosing the make-up of the same color of the frame, especially if it has bright colors.
It’s different if the frame is black or has neutral colors.

The advise on how to wear make-up with glasses apply on both glasses and sunglasses.
On my wall of Pinterest Eyewear, you can find many interesting types.

Thanks to Simona Talento for her valuable suggestions!

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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