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How to wear suspenders

Some time ago we talked about how to create an androgynous look, talking about the suspenders for women.

Great classic of the male wardrobe, today they are a trendy accessory all-female.

I love them and I want to dedicate this post to find out together how to wear them:



The classic combination is with a shirt, but they work very well with a blouse or a simple t-shirt. Choose thin ones if you have a small breast; wide if you have bigger breast.


The suspenders for women become an accessory like a long necklace, so we can use them all year. During hot weather for example, they are gorgeous with white pants or with sailor stripes.

With the cold instead, we can use them to give a tone to a simple sweater and give personality to the whole outfit. The shirt underneath makes the look more androgynous .


Suspenders for women are perfect in the morning, but also in the evening. For the office they are perfect for any jacket and pants. The tie makes the look more gritty!

For the evening instead, combined with a high heel and a clutch, they complete the outfit in an original way and yet classic. Choosing the bow tie is more risky, but the effect is not bad …


The suspenders for women are sold separately (or you can steal them from your boyfriend), but they are often incorporated into pants or are part of an outfit, as in these photos:


Do not assume that you should wear them only with pants! After all they are suspenders for women, aren’t they? And then try to experiment with skirts (better if high-waisted) or with pants-culotte.


It’s simple: in stores for men (yes, I buy them there)! In Brooks Brothers, Gutteridge, Zara Man you can find all the colors. Remember that they shouldn’t be matched to the pants, but in contrast with the top.

Women’s suspenders are addictive: if you buy one pair, you will want at least one other!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you ?

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant 

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