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Tell me what wardrobe you have and I will tell you who you are

During these years of work as an image consultant, I put my hands in so many closets and then I realized that the wardrobe says much about the person to whom it belongs.

Read (with irony, I recommend) and try to figure out what kind you are.

It will be fun, but also a little self-analysis exercise ?


The all-black wardrobe

It is one of the most common! The official motivation is that black is elegant, slimming, practical, blah bla blah … My impression is that it often hides a fear of daring, lighting up, pulling out the hidden rainbow into our own mental attic.


The accumulator

Many people have their closet full of clothes (and paradoxically nothing to wear), but some have it full of every kind of merchandise! Often those things are just memorabilia dating back decades ago: pieces of life from which they have never really split.


The serial wardrobe

10 t-shirt of the same color, 5 sweaters of the same pattern, 4 pairs of shoes of the same type … Simple style coherence or routine choices, which we can not question? And what if they were the representation of a loop of our entire existence?


The compulsive wardrobe

In this case, the wardrobe resembles certain disordered eating habits: it is a container for comforting purchases;  on sale purchases (nevermind, it  doesn’t cost a lot); garments bought for “when I will slim down”; things that “could be needed” (and never are) …


The minimalist

On the opposite side, we can find monacal closets: not because of their style, but because of the morigeration! Perhaps they are the ones that work most (if they combine few pieces with good quality), but they are often temperate or even self-punitive. P.S. Quantity is not a matter of budget.


The maniacal closet

Small or large, some wardrobes are literally aseptic: everything is scrupulously guarded in cellophane and other protections, even the garments of everyday use. It is not a simple matter of order: sometimes it seems more like a need of (self?) control …


Who commands at home 

From the space distribution between the various components of the family, one understands who really commands at home. Obviously women! But when 95% of the wardrobe is hers and her husband is confined to a wretched tiny door, there is some serious question …


Life priorities

Another calculation is the space we reserve for the different occasions, because that percentage refers to how we spend our time. 85% of the closet is for the office? Perhaps we are devoting too much time to work and little time to everything else!


To be or not to be …

In many closets coexist very different styles. In practice, there are clothes that express who we would like to be (and we do not have the courage to be / wear) and garments that instead express who we are. Did you know that animal shirt with the tag still attached?


Obviously these reasonings are also valid for the shoe rack and even for the underwear drawer, but that is another story …

Anyway, it is curious to note how, by changing habits, the wardrobe will also change accordingly.

And what kind of wardrobe do you have? You can tell it to me: professional secret ?

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consulting

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