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Take the test and find out if you have warm or cool colors

To learn how to enhance yourself through make-up and hair, but also clothes and accessories, it’s essential to know the undertone of our colors.
The fact is that there is a lot of confusion about this.

Many mistakenly make this equation:
brunette people = warm colors
blonde people = cool colors
Nothing could be more wrong because value (light-dark) and undertone (warm-cool) are two independent variables.

Here then is my infallible test to help to understand if your skin has warm or cool colors:

Look at your skin color. How does it look?
(For the lightest)
A. It has ivory/ peachy shades. I tan easily and become golden.
B. It has porcelain/ pinkish shades. I don’t tan easily and redden immediately.
(For the darkest)
A. It has amber shades. My tan is golden.
B. It has olive shades. My tan is dark brownish red.
If you don’t get sun for long periods, how does your skin react?
A. It never gets very pale, but it always remains vaguely yellowish.
B. It becomes very pale or slightly grayish.
If you have freckles, what features do they have?
A. They are golden or red-brown.
B. They are greyish/ brownish dots, that get highlighted when you get a tan.
Look at your lips color. What shades are they?
A. They are peachy or apricot.
B. They are purple or, in certain cases, burgundy.
Look at your ears color. What shades are they?
A. They are golden/ peachy.
B. They are pinkish/ purple and they redden easily (by cold or sweat).
Look at the color of veins on the inside the forearm. What shades are they?
A. They are greenish.
B. They are bluish. Sometimes you can also see few bluish veins on the temples.
What are the shades of your eyes?
(For those with light eyes)
A. Olive green or aquamarine or amber. They often have golden specks inside.
B. Green-gray or ice blue. Sometimes with the husky effect.
(For those with dark eyes)
A. Brown undergrowth (sometimes vaguely green) and deep.
B. Chocolate brown. Particularly penetrating, thanks to the contrast with a very white sclera.
What is your natural hair color?
(For those with light hair)
A. Golden blonde hair or auburn or natural red hair.
B. Ash blonde. When I was a child I had very light hair, almost platinum.
(For those with dark hair)
A. Dark brown, but not black. Auburn or copper.
B. Ash brown or dark brown that is almost natural black.

If A answers prevail, you have warm and solar colors.
If B answers prevail, you have cool and lunar colors.

Look for feedback even in the pictures below:

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