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What to wear when it rains

Every spring happens that we just take off our tights, put boots away and we may start switching out seasonal clothing… but temperature collapse and it’s thunderstorms season!

This weekend will be raining in Italy: so the theme for today is what to wear when it rains. Let’s see together some style ideas:


What to say? It’s a classic: a timeless evergreen, ideal for three seasons, versatile and perfect for every occasion, in the morning and in the evening. I guess I should dedicate an entire post to it.

Meanwhile, I recommend it for this crazy weather.
Oh, and don’t forget to wear a light scarf!

What to wear when it rains 13


The cape is a a nice alternative. You can choose it in the same fabric of the trench, like Victoria Beckham: it’s so nice, it’s it?

What to wear when it rains 8

For heavier rainfall, you can also opt for technical fabrics and waterproof fabrics, provided that the cut is elegant and feminine…

What to wear when it rains 12

And there is also the cape in plastic: sleeveless and open in the front. Of course I’m talking about elegant and very feminine capes, like these ones:

What to wear when it rains 11


What to wear when it rains? Considering that wind carries the rain, you would think that pants are the best solution. But pants are likely to get soaked up to the calf and it’s not nice…

So, a skirt with leather boots or patent leather shoes is more comfortable. Obviously, choose a low to medium heel and not a stiletto shoe: you might regret it while you jump on puddles…

What to wear when it rains 7

If you’re more sporty or you simply suffer cold weather, choose skinny pants and match them to ankle boots or over the knee boots.

Then it’s a suicide wearing flare or bootcut pants: the hem gets wet as soon as you step out the house…

What to wear when it rains 14


Rain boots: why not? Besides the famous Hunter boots with a more casual style, you can find simple and feminine ones: you barely notice they are plastic.

In any case, you could wear them from home to work and then change them once you arrive at your destination. Their convenience is incomparable.

Just avoid those too colored or patterned, because they don’t enhance the look.

What to wear when it rains 9


The topic about humidity and the effect of the rain on the hair would deserve a separate article. All women (either with curly or straight hair) knows what I’m talking about it… A stylish solution can be a beautiful hat.

If the weather is really bad, you can choose a rain hat in technical fabric, provided that the size and color are simple and elegant.

But if there is that hateful drizzle, that will only make your hair static, you don’t need an umbrella and you can choose a nice wide brim hat.

What to wear when it rains 4

A very practical solution is to wear a jacket or a coat with a hood. If you are outside all day and you hate the umbrella (and you’re probably used to forget it somewhere), the hood can save you: just pull up your hood when you need it…

What to wear when it rains 1


Some people really hate the umbrella: it’s a torture and we bring it only in extreme cases (hail).

The problem is that we can’t live without it and we end up buying those terrible disposable umbrellas in the street…

It wasn’t easy but I finally found that umbrella that was also a nice accessory, less gloomy as possible and maybe even easy to match to any outfit. I found it: it’s the clear umbrella in plastic!

What to wear when it rains 6

It’s also the favorite of Queen Elizabeth. It seems that she has dozens of them, each with a different edge, so she can match them to her colorful outfits…

What to wear when it rains 5

Then, what to wear the it rains? The choice is yours, but always with style (of course).

Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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