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The worse make-up mistakes of all time

The other day I was chatting cheerfully with Simona Talento, terrific make-up artist and valuable collaborator: we were having fun making a list of the most severe makeup mistakes, and common, often seen around.

Here is the list of the worst mistakes of all time:



Let’s get this straight: the right foundation is the one you cannot see and, above all, that doesn’t create a different color between face and neck. Unfortunately, however, it happens to see too heavy coverage too light or too dark, or simply with the wrong undertone foundation (you’ve probably seen orange foundations on the face of some people).



One of the most common mistake of make-up is the excessive (and wrong) use of the bronzer. First of all, the face needs to be highlighted, not darkened too much. Also a good contouring requires great skills: if you are not an expert, it’s better not to do it because you’ll create wrong shadows.



The blush is an incredibly important make-up product, but this doesn’t mean you have to put a lot of it! It should be barely perceptible: you just need a little bit to illuminate the face, without leaving streaks on the cheekbones or, even worse, circles on the cheeks in Heidi style.



I thought they didn’t sell it anymore, but instead the white concealer still exists! So, let’s start from the beginning: the right color of the concealer is the one able to cover our type of dark circles. But whatever type it is, it’s certain that the white concealer will be like an highlighter pen.



You know the thick pencil line 4 mm, randomly applied, with an irregular line, cut before the end of the eye, usually loose and a little blurred? Well, that’s one of the most common makeup mistakes. The youngest can have a grunge look, but it’s better not to.



If you are getting ready for a 70s or 80s party theme, then it’s ok. But if you have to go to work (or anywhere), then green and turquoise eyeshadows are a big fail. And if you have light eyes, the effect will be even worse.


The mascara is an important step in the make-up routine, how to deny? But before putting pounds of product on your lashes, try a method. To avoid the spider effect (stuck and heavy lashes), do not let the mascara dry between two coats of mascara.



Shape and color of the eyebrows are crucial to the intensity of the look and harmony of the facial features. That said, go slowly with the pencil! We just need to fill in some little hole tracing light strokes that resemble the hair of the eyebrows.



Judging by the thickness, I would say that some women trace the lip pencil with the Uni Posca marker. Not to mention the distance between the pencil and the actual perimeter of the mouth. Some women like it so much that they even get tattooed it… I tell you with my heart, friends: NO.



Red lipstick is a fantastic beauty evergreen, but it could be also a big mistake. Especially on thin and irregular lips because it just highlights these characteristics. And then it requires skill and precision to avoid the Joker effect.

In short, to avoid the mistakes of make up, the rule is simple and is always the same: less is more.

At this point, to complete the look, I recommend also to read my post on Must NOT Have: the pieces NOT to have in the wardrobe.


Rossella Migliaccio
Image Consultant

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